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Evora Nasal CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel - $199.00 CAD

Evora Nasal CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel - $199.00 CAD

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The innovative F&P Nasal Evora™

Patients who may be suited to F&P Evora Nasal

Physiology: May be suitable for those who breathe freely through their nose.

Preference: May be suitable for those wanting a minimal mask or people who experience claustrophobia.*

*Based on the assumed impact of having a free field of vision and minimal contact on the skin.

Unlike any other mask, F&P Evora™ Nasal incorporates CapFit headgear that has been designed to be put on like a cap - a simple and intuitive movement that patients are familiar with.
The Fisher & Paykel Evora has been designed “Just like putting on a cap”.  The Evora incorporates a CapFit headgear that has been designed to be put on like a cap; which is considered to be a simple and intuitive movement that most users are familiar with.  The headgear is designed to ensure that the seal is positioned in the right place every time.  The stability wings and floating seal work together to keep the mask in place with movement and provide a flexible and comfortable seal under your nose. Check out the fitting guide to assist you with sizing your mask.

Available sizes
Cushions Headgear
There are four cushion sizes available:
Smallmediumlarge and wide.

There is one size of headgear available to fit 
all sizes.

The next generation of
Dynamic Support Technology

The stability wings work in synergy with a floating seal to enable freedom of movement while keeping the Evora Nasal mask comfortably in place.

Just like putting on a cap

Unlike any other PAP mask, the Evora Nasal incorporates CapFit headgear, which has been designed to be put on like a cap – a simple and intuitive movement patients are familiar with.

Freedom of movement

The unique compact cushion sits under the user's nose for a gentle fit, while the flexible breathing tube keeps the mask in place.

Helping your patients sleep quietly

Evora Nasal has been designed with exhaust holes to minimize noise and draft.
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