Types of CPAP masks

Types of CPAP masks

CPAP nasal mask

The first type of sleep apnea mask we are going to talk about is the nasal CPAP mask. As the name itself indicates, this model covers the nose region, being indicated for people who breathe through the nose and who do not have any accentuated nasal personality.

The nasal mask for CPAP can vary in models for people who have claustrophobia or who wear a beard and mustache. There are also varieties indicated for those who are restless sleepers and sleep on their side.


CPAP nasal pillows mask

Nasal pillows masks are great for anyone looking for accessories that are small and comfortable to wear. These devices cover only the region of the nostrils and allow a greater field of vision when used.


CPAP Full face mask

The oronasal face mask covers the nose and mouth areas. This model is indicated for people who breathe through the mouth, such as those who suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis or deviated septum, as it prevents air from escaping through the region, preventing dryness and discomfort.

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