Privacy Statement

VitalAire/RHS/IRS/POX and its employees are committed to respecting clients’ rights in respect of the privacy of their personal information.

  • VitalAire/RHS/IRS/POX  is accountable for any personal information that is under its control. The Privacy Officer at VitalAire/RHS/IRS/POX  is responsible for implementing and monitoring compliance with the privacy principles that are reflected in our policies and practices.
  • Consent Forms are used to ensure that clients understand the purposes for which VitalAire/RHS/IRS/POX  collects, uses and disclose personal information and provides consent.
  • Personal information of clients is collected, used and disclosed only as described and agreed to in the Consent Form. If additional uses of personal information, not disclosed in the Consent Form, are identified the client’s further consent will be sought.
  • Personal information will be destroyed following the required retention period.
  • All personal information of clients is regarded as confidential. VitalAire/RHS/IRS/POX takes the security and accuracy of personal information in its possession seriously and takes steps to ensure it is secure, accurate, up-to-date and complete.
  • From time-to-time VitalAire/RHS/IRS/POX may retain outside third parties (referred to in the Consent Form as “authorized agents”) to perform specialized services, which may in some cases require the transfer of personal information to them. Such authorized agents confirm to VitalAire/RHS in contract that they will provide a comparable level of protection to any personal information that may be transferred to them.
  • Personal information disclosed to VitalAire/RHS/IRS/POX  may be stored on servers and processed by VitalAire/RHS/IRS/POX ’s authorized agents located outside of Canada and subject to the authority of the laws of the jurisdictions in which it is located.
  • If you require additional information regarding VitalAire/RHS’s privacy policies and practices, wish to access your information or wish to correct your information contact VitalAire/RHS/IRS/POX’s Privacy Officer for information at Click To Send An Email 
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